Due to increasing demand for our products (condiment stands and coffee stands) on the West Coast, we have decided to keep an inventory of our most popular units closer to our customers. By shipping Westward a truckload at a time, we save our customers a substantial amount in LTL shipping costs versus shipping from our Indiana warehouse. All of our products are fully assembled and ready for service.

Our initial warehouse location is in Las Vegas.  The first truckload will arrive prior to July 1, 2016. We would encourage any Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, or Utah vending operators to take advantage of this new location. You can call toll free 1-800-274-2428 to order and arrange for delivery or Customer Pick-up if needed.

As you can see a truckload is a lot of units, in fact there are 68 units going on the first truck  to the West coast.

Staged Truck Load
Staged Truck Load
All State Manufacturing #8
Warehouse Pic 8
All State Manufacturing #6
Warehouse Pic 6
All State Manufacturing #7
Warehouse Pic 7
Warehouse pic 9
Warehouse pic 9