Sandra Is seriously injured!

In August of 2015 Sandra our Sales Manager had a terrible fall at home. While gathering eggs from her girls (chickens), she fell into a cellar. She did not fall down the steps, she fell from the side landing onto the bottom two steps, about ten feet She has 6 broken ribs, two of them in two places, plus a broken scapula (shoulder blade). For a while she had a collapsed lung. She was in the hospital for 6 days.

She has been home now for a few weeks and is doing a little better with each day. She is our Sales Manager and is anxious to get back to her customers. She has been coming in a few hours a day, a few days each week. She is still hoping to be able to go to the ‘Atlantic Coast Expo’ in Myrtle Beach in early October. We will have to see what the doctors say about that.

UPDATE as of August 2016¬†– Sandra’s shoulder is still very sore at times. The doctors told her it takes 1-2 years for a scapula to heal. She still has exercises to help maintain mobility in her shoulder.