Our History

All State Manufacturing was opened in 1975 by Earl Ramsey as a re-manufacturer of vending machines. The number of employees at All State increased steadily to over 100 in 1998. As the company’s major customer withdrew from utilizing remanufactured machines from 1998 through 2000 the number of employees decreased accordingly and substantially.  The company began to search for other items in which to utilize their equipment and expertise.  The focus began to shift to companion products, such as condiment stands, OCS cabinets.

Under the ownership of Earl’s daughter, Marian Ramsey Ford, All State transitioned from the remanufacturing business to building quality specialty shelving and cabinetry to meet the needs of the vending industry.

In 2014 Marian Ramsey Ford, having been out of direct management for several years, contracted with Rudy Stakeman to look for further ways to improve the profitability of the company.

The company has reduced overhead substantially while at the same time improving plant efficiencies and material usage. Quality, delivery and volume have all seen significant improvements under the guidance of Chris Higginbotham as Plant Manager.

A revitalized sales and marketing effort with the addition of Sandra Faukenberry as Sales Manager in 2014, a new Website design, and web marketing efforts the same year has nearly doubled the sales volume in a few short years.

We remain focused on helping our distributors grow and provide comprehensive vending solutions for their customers.  All State’s products feature stain-resistant interiors and double wall construction.  Units can be customized to meet the needs of operators.  The company has introduced numerous new products in the last several years, all of which have been centered around our customers needs.  Customers talk and we listen. You may peruse our wide range of products here.

In late 2016 All State was asked by a local/regional Vending Operator to develop stands for the new and emerging Micro Markets. These new stands have been a big hit adding dozens of new customers and a substantial increase in volume.  All State is no longer reliant on one major customer, but has a diverse and reliable customer base. 

In early 2017 and as part of the original contract of 2014, Rudy Stakeman purchased the company and all assets from Marian Ramsey Ford.

In late 2018 the company installed a new powder coating line. This coating change from paint to powder has given our products and therefore our customers a much more durable and consistent coating. All changes made in the past few years have allowed All State to either improve quality or improve efficiency, sometimes both at the same time. All State is currently (December, 2019) waiting on the delivery of a new press break to enhance our forming performance.