Micro Market FAQs

How to Choose the Appropriate Micro Market Stand for My Pay Station?

Selecting the right stand for your pay station is crucial for efficiency and convenience. One key factor to consider is whether your kiosk accepts cash and, if so, from which side the cash is retrieved. Our experts at All State Manufacturing suggest opting for a 36″ stand instead of a 27″ stand if the retrieval is from the side. This extra space allows for easier cash handling and ensures smooth operation.

How Do I Know How Much Product I Should Plan For?

Determining the right amount of product for your micro market can be challenging. A general rule of thumb is to plan for 3’x6′ of product per 100 people per day. Fortunately, All State Manufacturing stands provide 6′ of product height, so you only need to think about the linear feet. For tighter spaces or those implementing a nanomarket, we offer additional expertise and customization. Some experts also suggest stocking twice as many drinks as snacks to meet consumer demand effectively.

Do I Want Signs in My Micro Market?

Signs play a significant role in a micro market by providing clarity and creating a familiar environment akin to a convenience store. They help guide customers and enhance the overall market experience. All State Manufacturing offers a variety of sign lengths and heights to accommodate differences between display, kiosk, and refrigerator stands. Additionally, signs present an excellent opportunity for branding and style with custom designs and logos.

Why Should I Avoid a Surround in My Micro Market?

While built-in surrounds are common, they can be restrictive. If your micro market’s size needs adjustment or if the consumer population shifts, surrounds make reconfiguration difficult. All State Manufacturing’s stands, designed to look seamless with coolers, are modular and allow easy addition, removal, or rearrangement. This flexibility ensures your market can adapt to changing needs.

Should I Add Casters to My Micro Market Stands?

Casters are ideal for environments with rigorous cleaning schedules, such as hospitals or schools. They provide mobility for easy cleaning and maintenance, and they can lock in place to prevent movement during use. This feature makes casters a practical choice for ensuring hygiene and convenience. All State Manufacturing offers a wide variety of customizations including the addition of casters.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Fully Metal Stand?

Fully metal stands offer numerous advantages over particle board counterparts. They are sturdier and can be moved without falling apart. They can also withstand the common spills and industrial cleaners associated with their common environments. A more extreme example of their durability comes from an All State Manufacturing customer from Texas who experienced flooding and had to completely replace his particle board stands. After switching to our metal stands, he simply hosed them off after a subsequent flood and continued using them without damage. We also had a customer who experienced a fire in the breakroom housing our metal micro market stands. He also was able to clean and reuse his All-State Manufacturing micro market stands following the fire.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Fully Assembled Stand?

Choosing fully assembled stands reduces labor and headaches associated with setup. Unassembled parts often arrive broken or missing, complicating the process. Fully assembled stands require only the insertion of wire shelves or baskets and product placement. For instance, an All State Manufacturing customer in Alabama installed a market in a paper mill and significantly reduced setup time and labor by using our fully assembled stands, completing the installation in just 4 hours with one helper instead of two days with two helpers as he had done with the unassembled stands in previous situations.

How Can Mockups Enhance Your Micro Market Planning and Proposals?

Our expert micro market team at All State Manufacturing can provide mockups for your space upon request. These mockups are incredibly beneficial, not only for helping you visualize how the micro market will fit and function within your specific environment, but also as a powerful tool for presentations. Many customers have found these mockups invaluable when presenting to management teams, as they effectively convey the concept and potential impact. Additionally, they are instrumental in making compelling propositions to potential clients, offering a tangible preview of the innovative and convenient solutions that a micro market can bring to their workplace.