We know there are many differing situations and decor that may at times present challenges. It is our intention to make each of those opportunities that arise, as easy to conquer as possible. Our full line of Condiment Stands, Microwave Stands, Coffee Stands, and Coffee Carts is one way we can help. Offering all of them in a variety of colors is like icing  on a pretty darn good cake.

Colorful Powder Coated Micro Market Stands

After an extensive testing process, we are introducing our new line of American-made, colorful, powder coated metal micro market display units.  The powder baked onto the metal at 400 degrees gives the product a much more durable and consistent coating than the traditional painting processes. Our conveyor line, powder booth, and furnace are extremely efficient and have not increased our costs, while at the same time providing our customers with a much superior finish. Additionally, the additional color options are a big side benefit for our customers.

Available in over 200 RAL colors, the colorful, durable double wall display units resist regular wear and tear and help product pop from the display.

We are very proud of our powder coat line and how much it improves our already popular and superior products. The product is completely built in the U.S.  Our displays are not just assembled with parts from overseas.  We cut, bend, press and assemble at our Indiana factory from raw metal purchased from a steel processing plant in Ohio.

The new units have stainless steel shelves and bright LED lighting for the display area.  Locking storage is available and units can be customized into a broad array of micro and nano market arrangements.  Markets can be built to include a stand to house payment kiosks for unattended transactions. The stands can be purchased in widths of 27, 36, and 49 inches wide providing operators with the ability to configure to the space available.

A good display stand, like its MMS491, can replace two or three coin-op snack machines.   Combining our stands with coolers, freezers, and a payment system will give many years of almost carefree vending.

We are very fortunate to have both an outstanding Plant Manager in Chris Higginbotham and Sales Manager of Sandra’s capability and energy. Chris and Sandra look forward to helping you with any questions you may have concerning our powder coat capabilities.


The Word is Out


All State Manufacturing Company, Inc. has recently introduced a new line of colorful Market options.  After a year of development trials and test marketing, the color option is now available market wide. The new conveyorized powder coat line the company installed last year is operating above expectations. It provides a thicker more durable coating than traditional paint and with the latest in powder technology can now be the color of your choosing. Many of our condiment and coffee stands have been in service for years. The same manufacturing practices are used on the Market stands. They will last for many many years.

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