The Convenience of the OCC 36-ET coffee cart

We have been using this coffee cart (OCC 36-ET) since before it went to market. It is every bit as convenient as we say. It is so nice not to have to worry about where to plug in those short corded coffee brewers and microwaves. They both plug right in to the back of the unit. The ten foot long unit power cord reaches just about any wall outlet. The fact that it is also on four heavy duty swivel casters, all locking of course, amplifies the versatility of the OCC 36-ET tremendously.

Our own Coffee Cart has been used in three different rooms. and multiple locations in those rooms. It is used in our lobby, in our meeting room, as well as the office proper. The only thing needed to accomplish it all, is to unplug the coffee cart, move it, plug it back in. The coffee brewer and microwave are ready to go. Hot coffee and warm bagels or Danish at the ready.

There is plenty of room for storing bulk supplies in the cabinet. Also, the condiment tray for easy access to  condiments, and the stainless utensil cups for flatware, just makes everything perfect. If you wish to impress your guests, employees, co-workers, or “just” your boss, you should check this Utility/coffee cart out.